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Precise UX, Refined Animations, Interactivity, and Video Work.
All of this will elevate your digital outputs to the maximum.


Our value lies in creating banners quickly and effectively that capture attention and communicate content optimally.



We pride ourselves on perfect service. We will guide you smoothly through the entire process, from the first brief to the campaign launch.


We Can Do Anything.

We handle everything from small campaigns to large global solutions. We can create a concept or simply adapt your key visual. No format, platform, or language can stop us. We are ready to meet any specific needs you have.


Banners Prepared by Coders

We do not use third-party builders. We can precisely customize every element of the banner, from animations to interactions. Additionally, we can better optimize data size, ensure faster loading, and reduce the load on the device displaying the banner.

Ukázka realizací:

The Coca-Cola Company

Geolocation targeting campaign,

using a high number of outcome variations.

200  text variants

11  formats

2  language versions

4.400  unique banners


Banner content dynamically adapted to the location of a specific user, so the ad had a noticeably greater chance of attracting attention.

The banner template was automatically populated from the text feed, which allowed us to easily create a large number of outputs. It would have taken more than 10x longer to implement the campaign in the normal way.


Campaign using content optimization according to time of day and user segment.

15  text and product variants

4  formats

3  times of day

2  user segments

360  unique banners


The banner content has been dynamically adapted to the time of day. Thus, in the morning / noon / evening the user saw a different visual and message each time. In addition, the banner also changed visually according to the user segment (modern / traditional).


As a result, each of the products in the campaign was communicated in 6 different variations, increasing the chances that the user would associate the product with their current situation and lifestyle.


In collaboration with Leo Burnett.

Looking for Inspiration?

Check out our gallery of HTML5 banners.

Bannery_Kotva 1

A Chain is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

In large campaigns, a lot of energy and time are often dedicated to the strategic part of creativity and media, but the focus on perfecting the banners is lacking. We eliminate this shortcoming.

Creative Agency  →  Digital production
  →  Media agency


Ready to Make HTML5 Banners Your Competitive Advantage?

Write to us, we are here to help.

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